Frequently Asked Questions

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Product Questions...
  How is Realtime Coach™ different from simple dictation?
  Do I need to download and install your software?
  What speeds are the exercises?
  What are Barrier Busters™?
  How do I purchase Realtime Coach™?

Setup Questions...
  What do I need in order to start using Realtime Coach™?
  Is my CAT software compatible with Realtime Coach™?
  How do I create a Realtime Coach™ account?
  How do I log in?
  How do I change my password?
  How do I update my profile?

Other Questions...
  Why don't I see the NCRA price when I try to purchase?
  What is an Add-On Discount?
  How can I earn CEUs with Realtime Coach™?
  How can I make the most of my practice?
  The dictation material often seems quite dense. Why?
  What's the best way for me to resolve a technical issue?
  Why haven't I heard back from Customer Care?

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