Realtime Coach™ Technical Help

Common Issues...
  I have a technical issue. Is it my CAT setup or Realtime Coach™?
  My text is not appearing in the Practice Window while I write.
  Words randomly stick together in the Practice Window.
  Nothing happens when I click "Check".
  My accuracy is not being recorded.
  My time is not being recorded.

Other Issues...
  I see doubled words in my Practice Window text.
  The Exercise Window is blank when I launch an exercise.
  My text suddenly stops feeding into the Practice Window.
  There’s a lag in the text feeding into the Practice Window.
  The audio/video stutters during playback in Realtime Coach™.
  I use StenoCAT32™ and can’t get it to work with Realtime Coach™.
  There’s a discrepancy between the media and the master transcript.

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