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Please take a moment to follow these instructions for setting up your computer and CAT software.
This guide provides information about the hardware and software you will need to start practicing with
Realtime Coach™ and offers instructions to assist you in getting everything properly configured. If you get
stuck or have questions, our Technical Help section is a handy resource. Of course, you're more than
welcome to contact Customer Care if you'd like some help from a real person.

Minimum System Requirements
  CAT Software

CAT Software Configuration
  Total Eclipse™ from Advantage Software™
  Case CATalyst™ from Stenograph™
  DigitalCAT™ from Stenovations™
  NEW! SmartCAT™ from Cheetah International™
  ProCAT Winner™
  SpeechCAT™ from Audioscribe™

Testing Your CAT Setup
When properly configured, your compatible CAT software should feed the text from your writer into any program capable of receiving text from your computer keyboard. This means that we can use a simple text editor like Notepad to test your CAT software setup. If your text feeds into the text editor properly, then it should feed into the Realtime Coach™ exercise window as well.
  Testing Instructions

Internet Browser Settings

Connecting to Realtime Coach™
  1. Connect your writer, and launch a realtime translation in your CAT software.
  2. Launch your Internet Browser (e.g. Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc).
  3. Log into your Realtime Coach™ account.
  4. In the My Activities section on the left, select an activity. A list of exercises displays on the right.
  5. Launch an exercise by clicking on the exercise title. The exercise will open in a new browser window.
  6. Read and respond to the License Agreement if prompted.
  7. When the exercise appears, you will see the exercise Setup tab. Review the Setting (context) of the exercise material on the left and the Realtime Tip on the right.
  8. If there are multiple voices, make the necessary assignments in your CAT software.
  9. If there are dictionary words suggested, write them on your steno machine (you won't see what you're writing), then switch to your CAT software (you can use Alt+Tab), and add these words to your CAT dictionary in the usual way. Then switch back to the Realtime Coach™ exercise window.
  10. When you have completed the setup, click the Exercise tab in the upper left corner.
  11. Select your desired Presentation Mode and Coaching Preference.
  12. Click the Play button to begin the exercise. A cursor should automatically appear in the Practice column on the right. If your CAT software is properly configured, you should see your translated text feed into the Practice column as you write. (If you use DigitalCAT™, it may take up to 30 seconds for your text to begin feeding.)

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