Accelerated learning. Extraordinary performance.

We had no illusions. Becoming a skilled court reporter, captioner, or CART professional requires dedication and hard work. The National Court Reporters Association called for the community to “fastrack new approaches” and to make “radical changes” in learning. So we did. The result is Realtime Coach™, what some are calling the most significant development in the profession since CAT software.

How it Works

Realtime Coach™ requires a typical “realtime suite” of hardware and software:

Realtime Coach™ is an Internet application available anywhere, anytime you have this capability.

Learning Management System

Realtime Coach™ is delivered within a powerful online learning management system configured for your school or organization. This includes:


Realtime Coach™ Exercises

The actual exercises are extremely interactive:

Additional Info

Realtime Results

“Within six months of purchasing Realtime Coach™, I passed USCRA's Federal Certified Realtime Reporter examination, which gave me the raise I wanted and the ability to charge extra for my realtime services. In addition, my speed increased dramatically, I became a more accurate writer, and my editing time decreased. The instant feedback identified my deficiencies and I was able to correct them on the spot. Thanks to Realtime Coach™, I can spend more time with my family and less time in the courthouse editing transcripts!” -- Anthony D. Frisolone, CSR, RDR, FCRR, CRI, US District Court, NY

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